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  • Hello!

    The Photography Smiths consist of husband/wife photographers Mikey and Samantha Smith.

    We think moments shouldn’t just be captured, they should be handcrafted. And while we’re not great with words, we believe in the power of images to tell our story, and if you’d like, they can tell yours too.

    Thank you for taking the time to stop by our blog. Here you can find some of our favorite work and personal adventures along the way.

    Available for travel worldwide :).

Tori {The Senior Model Experience, VA}

Whew, I know I have said it before but seriously – I have the most GORGEOUS senior girls!! They all make my job incredibly easy! Tori was no exception either – this girl completely rocked her session. She has the cutest smile and makes the best model face! To help my girls plan their sessions I send them a senior guide after booking and you can tell she did everything in it!

Thanks Tori for choosing me as your senior photographer! I hope you have an AMAZING senior year!!



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2 comments on “Tori {The Senior Model Experience, VA}

  1. Meredith Sledge on said:

    SOOOOO GOOOOOD! Love these!

  2. Tori Swann on said:

    These are awesome! You’re the best :) oh and you better still be taking pictures when my wedding day comes around because I know who I’m calling to be my photographer! :)

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Blake + Brittney {A Country Engagement Session, Fredericksburg VA}

Seriously LOVE these two!!! Brittney and Blake were so easy going and pretty much up for anything! The only thing they wanted was ‘something near the water and a country feel.’ With all the amazing locations we have up our sleeves those requirements were no problem! These two had so much chemistry it was unreal!

We include a complimentary engagement session with our wedding package. It’s sooo important to see how Samantha works with posing and just getting comfortable infront of the camera! So on your wedding day the photos are the easiest part!!

Enjoy our favorite photos from their session!!!

Can’t wait for this gorgeous couple’s wedding later this month!!



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3 comments on “Blake + Brittney {A Country Engagement Session, Fredericksburg VA}

  1. Jessica on said:

    Gorgeous images! Awesome job you two!

  2. Brittney on said:

    You did such an amazing job :)I LOVE all of these pictures! It was so much fun working with you and we can’t wait for the wedding :) Thank You so much!

  3. Tiffany Buckler on said:

    I love yals pictures!!!:) gorgeous!!

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A New Blog & A Giveaway

Welcome to the all-NEW blog for The Photography Smiths. Our blog will serve as the hub for our growing business to document the adventures both professional and personal, to educate and serve other growing photographers, and to showcase some of our favorite images from our AMAZING clients.

If you’ve been following our progress you know we have recently began the journey of rebranding from Samantha Smith Photography into The Photography Smiths. We are super excited about the new direction we are headed and couldn’t be happier. Thank you all for your support and continued encouragement.  As a token of our appreciation and to celebrate this new adventure in our life, we would love to gift one of our fans a FULL session with The Photography Smiths.

Enter to win a FULL session with The Photography Smiths:

1. Comment on the blog post below

2. “Like” The Photography Smiths on

3. Share this Link on Facebook.  *make sure you tag us in your shares so we can keep track. The more you share the more chances to win:)

You may enter as many times as you like and we will announce a winner on NEXT Monday’s blog.

For our photographer friends and fans be sure to check back on the blog tomorrow for some more exciting news and possible giveaways.

Since every blog post deserves gorgeous images to accompany it so we would love to share a few from a recent session that we had with an amazing friend and photographer  Trevor Dayley of Trevor Dayley Photography from Arizona. When we heard our friend Trevor was hosting a workshop in VA we knew 2 things that had to happen first we had to attend. Second we knew we had to reach out to see if he could do our new promo shots for The Photography Smiths.  We absolutely love the images he was able to capture for us and it was a great change to step in front of the camera. We can’t thank you enough Trevor for not only providing us great images for our new sites and social media but more importantly giving us these memories we can cherish forever.

                                                                                      *ALL IMAGES COURTESY OF TREVOR DAYLEY PHOTOGRAPHY*



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86 comments on “A New Blog & A Giveaway

  1. Ashley on said:

    Your blog site looks really good. Congratulations.

  2. Shelena Nedzweckas on said:

    Your pictures are SO gorgeous! I would love a free session :)

  3. Your blog is awesome! You guys are such awesome photographers and I am looking forward to all the beautiful work that will be here.

  4. Lauren Rogers on said:

    Looks beautiful, you guys! (As do you, of course.) Congrats on the new blog.

  5. Brandy G on said:

    Looks great!

  6. Rachael zilic on said:

    I’ve loved your photos when it was Samantha Smith and can’t wait to see where The Photography Smiths goes! Beautiful pictures by the way!(:

  7. Katelyn S. on said:

    LOVE your new site and the new pics :) You all are so talented!

  8. Meredith Sledge on said:

    What a great opportunity!!! I liked the page and shared! :)

  9. Shantae C. on said:

    Lovely site, I’m excited about the blog. Oh, pic of you two holding hands…awesome! Looks like ya’ll are ready to take on the world!!!

  10. Amanda Bencs on said:

    Your photos are AMAZING!! I always love to see your work. So excited about your new blog. Congratulations!! <3

  11. Nikki A. on said:

    So excited for this new journey for you two :) I love seeing your photos!

  12. Love your photos!! <3

  13. Kathleen Lyon on said:

    Cannot wait to work with you guys in March!! Love all the photos ya’ll take!!

  14. Heather Whitby on said:

    Love your new site and LOVE your pics! Best of luck to the two of you!

  15. Niki Smith on said:

    I really enjoyed looking at your new site and can’t wait to see some fall pictures.

  16. Gaby K on said:

    Gorgeous lad. Blog looks great!

  17. Krystal Love on said:

    It’s so nice to see you both on the other side of the lens. I am so happy for you and all of your success. Thank you for all of gorgeous family photos!

  18. Ashley Stewart on said:

    The pics of you two are gorgeous! Can’t wait to see all the upcoming pics from The Photography Smiths! :)

  19. Nikki Lewis on said:

    I love your work and can’t wait to use my gift certificate to get some great pics of my family by the both of you!

  20. Nick Myers on said:

    Congratulations guys! You deserve all the praise and recognition that i read. You guys are amazing.

  21. heather Nunnally on said:

    Love your work! Can’t wait to meet you.

  22. Maura Rawlette on said:

    Happy for the new business as a team! Congrats!

  23. Tracey Hornbaker on said:

    Your photos are amazing!

  24. Laura Norton on said:

    I love your use of light! your photographs are stunning and tell a beautiful love story of these two people.

  25. Sophia Jablonski on said:

    I’m loving the new branding! The new website is so chic and clean and the photos of Mikey and Samantha are stunning. Amazing work as always.

  26. Shahanna Rollins on said:

    Congrats on the growth of your business!!

  27. Lesley Sale on said:

    Congrats on your new adventure as a husband & wife team! I love new blog & the photos are gorgeous!

  28. Araceli Saldana on said:

    I love your photos! I recently got engaged and I’m looking for photographers. A friend told me about you you guys are awesome!

  29. Ruth Peters on said:

    Great pictures! I’d love to win a full session!

  30. Emily Bohannon on said:

    I love the pictures. I love it even more that you’re the only photographer I’ve seen with this country of a feel!

  31. Ashley Samuel on said:

    I just love your work!! Can’t wait to see our wedding pictures!! I have a feeling that they will be amazing :-) The blog looks great!!!

  32. Melissa Beaty on said:

    Beautiful website! Your work is gorgeous as always!

  33. Jackie Smith on said:

    Congrats on the new blog! Your pictures are fabulous! Would love to win a session to get some family photos!

  34. Brittney DeShazo on said:

    Love this blog! Another great way to show off your amazing work!!

  35. Krystle on said:

    Shared the post. Absolutely love your work, a free session would be so awesome!

  36. Rachael zilic on said:

    Can’t get over how beautiful these pictures are!

  37. Ashley on said:

    Looooove your work! A free session would be amazing for a full time worker, college student, and mom!

  38. Ashley Robinson on said:

    Amazing pictures! Beautiful. A free session would be awesome.

  39. Rebecca Leonard on said:

    I love all of your photography. :) Looking for a photographer for senior pictures next year!

  40. Shamieka Tate on said:

    So excited about the new journey for both of you guys!! Nothing but more gorgeous pictures can come from this. Congratulations to you both!!

  41. Angela Williams on said:

    Love the new site! The pictures are gorgeous!!!!

  42. Kristie Peyton on said:

    Love the new website and can I say these photos are absolutely stunning!!! Best captured moments to remember forever!!!

  43. Ellie Bowen on said:

    Unbelievably excited for both of you! I’m continually blown away by your photos and can’t wait to see all that y’all have in store! Congratulations :)

  44. Mishka Brownley on said:

    Gorgeous site!! What an exciting giveaway! I’m holding thumbs :)

  45. Annette on said:

    I think a Marine Corps Birthday Ball session would be great in your portfolio:) Birthday Ball is coming up… would love to have a real photographer capture the memories! Your pictures are beautiful!

  46. shawn burrell on said:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR WORK!!!!!! So glad now I can follow you! Keep up your amazing work.

  47. crystal chewninh on said:

    Every picture is perfect… y’all do great!!

  48. Tricia Stern on said:

    You’re photography style is amazing! I’d be excited to have a photo session by you. Looking forward to all the photo posts!

  49. Erin Ferguson on said:

    Gorgeous pics!!

  50. Ali Jones on said:

    I love your work, these photos are great! And giving the opportunity for a free session is such a good idea!

  51. Susie hill on said:

    Beautiful pictures!!

  52. Tabitha Conner on said:

    I’m so excited about your new blog!! 😀

  53. Teresa Martin on said:

    Love the blog.. Your pics are amazing. Will def have to schedule a session..

  54. Erin Grady on said:

    Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures tonight. I cannot wait to do more in the future. Thank you so much for working with us.

  55. Blog looks awesome!

  56. Virginia Abbott on said:

    Congratulations on the new business/site and blog. Wish you the best of luck!! All of the pictures are super cute!

  57. Laura Rollins on said:

    You take the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen! I would love to be able to have a session with you..

  58. Kirsten myers on said:

    Love your pictures!!

  59. Jessica Robey on said:

    Love your photos!! I also love that you are amazing with kids. You have so much patience :)

  60. Brandy Lewis on said:

    While I have never had the oppurtunity to book you as a photographer YET my sister-in-law and brother have and their pictures were amazing. The images you are able to capture are simply breathtaking!

  61. crystal chewninh on said:

    Y’all do a fantastic job!!

  62. Rebecca Morris on said:

    Love your pictures!!

  63. In love with your new concept and blog! Looks sweet!

  64. Heather Marshall on said:

    Myfavorite photographers! The photos are always amazingggg, I would love a free session. Great work !!!

  65. Jessica Smith on said:

    I love all the Pics yall do.

  66. Erin Grady on said:

    The Pictures are amazing! I am in love with all of them. Can’t wait for another session!

  67. Jamie Carter on said:

    Love your work, and would be honored to win a session!

  68. Alician seaman on said:

    You do such amazing work!

  69. Stephanie Burch on said:

    Love your photos!!!!!! I always look forward to your sneak peeks!

  70. Krystal Hart on said:

    Gorgeous work”

  71. mary cooper on said:

    Love your new site!!!!

  72. Looks good:)

  73. samantha martin on said:

    thanks for this awesome giveaway :)

  74. Crystal Springer on said:

    Pick me! Pick me! :)

  75. Bethany Dempsey on said:

    Love the new blog and website. I can’t wait for Lauren’s senior yr. But would love to have our family pics done with this giveaway. You are truly awesome Sam.

  76. tricia on said:

    We are excited for the announcement of the winner tonight!!

  77. Rebecca Spillman on said:

    Love your new blog!

  78. Brittany Fountain on said:

    Flawless work :-)

  79. Heather Gutridge on said:

    I love the blog!!!

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    Love your work and style! Bravo on the new blog!

  81. Amanda Bencs on said:

    Getting excited!!!!!

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    All of your work is gorgeous:) I love it and would be so excited to get maternity pics done by you!!!

  83. Ali Jones on said:

    you’re work is awesome!

  84. I la la lovvvveeeee your pictures!!!

  85. Deva Burnley on said:

    Congratulations!!! The blog looks great! I love looking through your photos ~ you guys really do take gorgeous shots!

  86. Brooke Davies on said:

    Gorgeous pictures!!

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