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The Bridal Series {The Bohemian Hippie Bride}

Wow, I can not believe we are already on the 4th installment of The Bridal Series!!! I love being able to showcase all of the shoots I have been dreaming of the last few months. If you’re my friend on Facebook  – you know I have this crazy desire to just sell everything we have and move to California to become hippies. Completely unrealistic but it would be fun:)The idea for this shoot came from that post. This session consist of some of my absolutely favorite things chunky, layered jewerly, headbands and I am OBSESSED with that the crotchet dress!!

Again as you can see from the photo above we have a completely different look from all our other shoots! For the Bohemian Bride and I really felt like we needed lots of detail to give our model Brittney more of a vintage feel. She did an amazing job of really embracing this style and trusting me that it would be amazing! We were very luck this day because it was so warm outside unlike all the other shoots we have has in the past. We had some yummy sunny then suddenly it was really cloudy with a super moody sky. I LOVED being able to show the different in a sunny day then a cloudy moody night sky!

Alright, no more rambling!

Check out part four of The Bridal Series – The Bohemian Hippie Bride!





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One comment on “The Bridal Series {The Bohemian Hippie Bride}

  1. Lia James on said:

    Absolutely stunning! Breathtaking shots :)

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