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Rob and Juls {Skyline Drive Engagement Session}

We have so many amazing sessions that never had the opportunity to be shared on our blog or Facebook so we want to take some time to start highlighting some of those awesome past sessions.  Over the next couple weeks will be mixing in some of these past session along with some of our current stuff that we have been shooting as well. I won’t promise that the blog will be revived into something more than it has been over the last couple years but as Facebook continues to change the way businesses are allowed to reach those who “like” their pages its going to be important for us to have another means of sharing with all of our current and future clients as well as their friends and families.

We love engagement sessions its a great time for us to get to know our brides and grooms and see just how they interact with one another and respond to some of the prompts or crazy things that we ask them to do. We always suggest to our couples that they choose a location that means something to them for their sessions, sure we know a ton of amazing spots and are always happy to make suggestions but we love the challenge of shooting in new places and having them choose ensures that their session will be unique to them and that’s ultimately what we really want. Rob and Juls did just that when they emailed us and asked if we would be willing to meet them out on skyline drive it didn’t take any extra convincing on our part we were thrilled to head out to some of the most beautiful landscape in the state. If you have not taken a chance to go out and enjoy some of the 105 miles that make up skyline drive I highly recommend checking it this fall.

We had a blast with Rob and Juls exploring some of the areas and just driving around and stopping anywhere along the way that had an amazing view. Check out a few of our favorites from their session below.




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