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Date Night Review {Les Miserables}

Running a business and having a toddler sometimes we forget that we are also married. Before life happened – Mikey and I were just two free spirits kids who went on daily date nights. But now we are lucky to get out by ourselves once a month. I think the longest we went was 6 months right after Cohen was born – first time parent anxiety I guess 😉

A resolution we made for ourselves this year was to really connect and focus on our marriage. This past Christmas was our 8th year together and July 5th will be our 5th wedding anniversary and I love it that even now Mikey still gives me butterflies:)Our goal this year we will be having a mandatory monthly date night …the kind you actually have to get dressed up and leave the house without Cohen:(  Once a month doesn’t seem like a lot but you have to start somewhere!

Mikey and I are two completely different people – some would say complete opposites. But we could not agree more on what we love love love to do! We are obsessed with movies and yummy food!! I personally LOVE chick flicks and anything that involves a love story where Mikey prefers action – he secretly loves chick flicks too 😉

Last night we went on our first official date of the year! I’ve been dying to see Les Miserables – there are sooo many amazing reviews out about it and I am a HUGE Anne Hathaway fan! I’m not going to lie I had to do some begging to see this one. Finally Mikey agreed when he realized it was playing at Muvico. If you’ve never been to Muvico/Paragon Village 12 in Fredericksburg you have to try it out! They have an amazing VIP 21 and up section that serves cocktails and food. I personally love its because of the seats! Its also like sitting on a big comfy couch!

Now let’s talk movie review – this movie had a lot of hype around it so I came in expecting a lot. As someone who never read the book or saw the musical I was not sure what to expect. The closest thing I have ever seen to a musical is Glee (which I think is amazing)! Well this movie was just that – freakin AMAZING! I loved how it had soo many different elements to the story line and how you could just feel their emotion when they sang. One thing I didn’t not realize though was that 99% of the movie was singing. Yes, I know its a musical but I didn’t know people could sing one word answers 😉 So if you’re on the fence about seeing this one – well let me help you – GO SEE IT!!!! Seriously, it scared me, made me laugh, cry and super happy….not many movies give me all these emotions but oh man this one did.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

xoxo Samantha

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