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10 at 10 {A Monday Blog}

It’s been a while since we’ve done a random 10 at 10 blog. Things have been crazy busy and with all the sessions, wedding and the studio! This weekend was so amazing though we needed to have a recap!

1. Figuring out holiday plans can be the absolute worst! No matter where you go there will be traffic and hoards of people!

2. After hours of discussing Mikey and I decided to just stay local. We had a fun morning of hanging out around the house then took Cohen to the new Monsters University movie. Then after a Chick-filet dinner we headed to Kings Dominion to ride a few ride and stay for their Fourth of July fireworks.

3. Did you know Virginia Beach is only 120 miles away from Fredericksburg? I did not know this…till I saw a highway marker sign and I thought to myself ‘It’s 6:00pm if I can make it there by 8:30 we will have plenty of time to see the firework – we could also meet up with my sister who lives down there.’ And 120 miles seems a lot shorter then saying 2hours and 30 mins.

4. It did help that Mikey had a late night the day before and had fallen asleep I decided to go with my gut. I saw the exit for Kings Dominion but I just kept driving. To confirm my decision I did ask Cohen ‘See your cousins at the beach or go to the Kings Dominion?’ He agreed ‘BEACH! BEACH!’

5. HA! I wish I took a picture of Mikey’s face when he woke up and saw we were still driving! Seriously priceless! He knows I like to do crazy things so he was OK with it other then he ask ‘What about clothes?’ I replied ‘We’re wearing them!’ He didn’t think that was very funny!

6. We made it right as they were closing the roads down – which threw us for a loop but we were able to go around it all! For some reason I had this idea of sitting on the beach with our toes in the sand but in reality there was a sea of people and we ended up in a hotel parking lot! No worries it was still wonderful!

7. Our Virginia Beach adventure last for one more day! Our anniversary was July 5th and it just so happened to be our 5 year anniversary! We spent the day just relaxing, had a family BBQ then jumped back on the road at midnight to beat the traffic.

8. The rest of the weekend was such a blur! We needed time to recover from traveling!  We did have a really amazing senior session yesterday, finished up some editing, made our July goals then chilled out some more!

9. So whats to come! July will be a busy month- we have lots of great sessions, a few shoots with local vendors and two amazing weddings!

10. We hope everyone had an amazing and fun holiday!!! Below is a photo to remind us that each year of marriage is something to really celebrate:)





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