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What’s Next {Personal}

Last Thursday we were very fortunate to hang out with a bunch of VERY talented photographers at the Justin & Mary What’s Next Tour. We are soo lucky to have a close community of friends who we can lean on for support and help us focus on our goals. If you’ve never heard Mary Marantz talk then you are seriously missing out! She is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met! I just LOVE how she helps your figure out what you want to do for your business and helps you break down the steps on how you will do it. Have you ever had so many goals though your not sure where to start? Thats us! We have a lot of plans for the year but we plan on tackling each one at a time! Starting with finishing our branding!

Well, we are here in 2013 – actually 22 day in. New year means a fresh start and even though we started our rebranding process back in August we are finally almost finished with the most important part – THE WEBSITE ! Our AMAZING designers, Hey, Sweet Pea have been working with us over the last few months on not just creating an awesome logo and site but also a brand that represent us. I could go on and on about how amazing Elise and her team are but I’ll save that for another post:)

So be ready!! Drum roll please……..LAUNCH DAY is in one week from today! (Jan 29th)!! So be ready for sneak peeks on our Facebook and Instagram followed by awesome giveaways to celebrate such an exciting time for Mikey and I !!!

Can’t wait to share the amazingness!!!



And for now here’s a sneak peek of tomorrow’s blog of the bridal series!!!




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