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The studio {The Adventures of Cohen}

What an amazing week it has been. I just feel like everything is happening so fast! Cohen and I were just driving back from speech. I saw the building was empty and just decided to see if it was available. It was available and we were able to view it that day. Then we knew we loved it so we signed right away!

I want to open as soon as possible so last weekend we got to work and started pulling loose nails, patching walls and painting the walls to match our brand! The only problem was we needed to do all this with Cohen. If you have even been around a three year old you probably know that any type of work is near impossible! We tried finding a sitter but everyone we usually used was busy so I packed a bag full of snacks and filled his book bag with toys. He did pretty well the first few times just eating and playing with toys but by the fourth day he needed to help us because he was ‘big!’ So we put Cohen to work!

Enjoy a few Instagram photos of him from last weekend!












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