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The Bridal Series {The Romantic Bride}

Ahhh soooo excited to share our third installment of The Bridal Series!! In case your just joining in – be sure to check out the first two here and here. Don’t you just LOVE a flowy pink dress, heavy wind and a unreal sunset!!! This shoot was AMAZING!!! Our hair and makeup took a little bit longer then usual so we started very late. I think all together we only had 30 mins of shooting but wow we got A LOT of AMAZING images!! I just love the pink dress and the way the fabric would fly when the wind went by – it was UNREAL! When many think people think of a bride the first thing they picture is a big white dress but its your day! You should  show your own style! Personally, I should of had a pink dress 😀

This week is more focused on a romantic feel with some very gorgeous lighting. It’s really hard to capture those beautiful painted skies along with yummy golden sun photos but Mikey and I strive to achieve both on a wedding day! For this shoot we really focused on our use of light and how to create it quickly. I just love the soft feel of the first photos and that of the more contrasty ones as the sun started to set. Again, we didn’t use a real model but Tessa really should model!!! She’s such a natural! I really want all brides to see and know they can have all these amazing images too!! Let us help you make it happen!

Enjoy part three of The Bridal SeriesThe Romantic Bride!!! 





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5 comments on “The Bridal Series {The Romantic Bride}

  1. Melissa on said:

    This is FABULOUS! A 3rd beautiful part of the series! Tessa goes to my alma mater, what a beautiful girl she is! Cannot wait for the next installment!

  2. These pictures are absolutely beautiful!!!!

  3. Cassie on said:

    Gaahhhhh!!!! Completely gorgeous!!! :) Tessa is an angel!!!

  4. Hollie on said:

    WOW! Just, WOW! You guys are awesome!!

  5. Carley on said:

    GORGEOUS!!!! Llloooovvveeee that last shot!

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