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The Adventures of Cohen {Update on Speech}

It’s amazing how in just a few weeks everything can change! Cohen has days were he is the shyest child ever but then he will be so outgoing. There are days when he will only give us one word answers and a lot of the time we have no clue what he just said.

Today, we went to hang out by the river to look for sharks teeth and build sand castles. He really surprised me with the conversations he held with strangers.

Stranger: ‘Hello’

Cohen: ‘Hi!’

Stranger: ‘ How are you?’

Cohen: ‘I’m good’

Stranger: ‘Are you having fun?’

Cohen: ‘Uh huh I dig – I’m really big like dad’

Stranger: ‘Oh yes you are big! Do you like the beach?’

Cohen: ‘Uh huh I LOVE it!’

Seriously, I had tears running down my face! Thank goodness for sunglasses! This is one of my proudest moments for him! There are days when I think that speech seems to be just a waste of time and money and we need to find another option.  But when I see he can do this its all so worth it!

Enjoy a few instagram photos of today!






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One comment on “The Adventures of Cohen {Update on Speech}

  1. Stefanie Howe on said:

    So awesome!

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