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The Adventures of Cohen {The Weekly Session}

Cohen HATES having his photo taken or at least he use too. Within the past three months I feel like instead of a regular three year I have a little model in the making. This child posing and sneaky smile just melts my heart!! When we use to triedto take Cohen’s photo before he would immediately throw a fit/start crying/hide – sometimes a mixture of all three! But lately he LOVES it ….really just eats up the lime light and if its a stranger taking the photos then be ready for him to bring on the cuteness 😀

When trying to find baby photos of Cohen I realized we really didn’t take to many photos except the iPhone which completely works for those candid moments. That’s great but I don’t want him to look back and think ‘my parents are professional photographers and all I have are iPhone photos?’ So Mikey and I came up with the idea of weekly sessions – this may seem like an overkill but we don’t do them every week but we really try too!! Along with the weekly sessions we also try to do a monthly family session so we can remember how skinny we were when we’re older 😉

Here are some of our favorites from last week’s Cohen session. He didn’t tell me it was his favorite session ever but you can definitely see that it was. Bringing the Jeep was one of my greatest ideas! He came up with some of the funniest poses and would not let me push his collar down – yup that our crazy cute kid!




And this is when I know he’s done ‘Mom, stop ….STOP!’



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