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The Adventures of Cohen {Just a boy and his dog}

There once was a little boy and his dog. When the little boy first came home the dog was very unsure of what was happening. There were a lot of changes and a new little person who now received all the attention. This didn’t upset the dog but made her more and more curious. Everyday she would try to get the little boy to look at her but nothing would happen. She tried sniffing – that made him sneeze, she tried barking – that made him cry and she even tried licking but that always got her in trouble. Months went by and even though she was still curious – she was patient. The dog stayed by the boy’s side till one day the boy turned and stared. They stared at each other for about 5 minutes till the boy grew tired and fell asleep on his tummy. A few more months went by and the boy started to move. She mainly noticed because he love her tail nub. Then a few more months went by and he started to crawl. The dog would lay very still as the boy crawled across her back then over her head. But she didn’t mind because he would also massage her ears with a tug, a pull then a big squeeze. Sometimes it hurt and she would wimpier but still she never moved. Finally, the day came where the boy could talk! But instead of saying words he started to bark and growl! The dog loved this and they would talk to each other for hours! Shortly, after this the little boy started to walk and then to run. They would ran through the hallway, up on the couch then back down the hallway! Together, they would run outside till the sun went down and this was the dog’s favorite thing to do! She would run behind him then in front – sometimes she would nip him till he ran faster. This made the boy laugh and laugh but also run faster! When they grew tired, the boy and his dog would find a nice spot on the floor and cuddle up. And just like when the boy was a baby – the dog was patient and would not leave the boy’s side till it was time to play again.

The End.



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