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Carl + Crystal {Beloved Portraits}

Last week still feels like a dream. I’m not even sure where to start.

Mikey and I flew out to Santa Barbara, CA for a photography conference.

But a few weeks before we left I made a status that said I just love how my news feed was filled with my photos! Seeing this seriously makes my heart sooo happy! Crystal made the comment though that she didn’t have a photo by me to use. Since she lived all the way out in California there was nothing I could really do unless she came to visit us in Virginia but then I started thinking…..We were going to be in California and we needed a model for our shoot Mikey and I were leading. The shoot would be a sunrise trash the dress and it just soo happen Crystal just got married and had an AMAZING dress!! So I wrote her right away and begged her to be our model even though she lived ummmm 4-5 hours away she agreed!!! I still can not thank her enough!! Not only did her and Carl have to take off work but they also had to find somewhere to stay then wake up at 4 am to get ready!

The only way I could think of to pay her back was a Beloved session. These are portraits for married couples who want to continue documenting their love through images. Just because your married doesn’t mean you can’t have more beautiful portraits! Carl and Crystal’s love is just so real and pure. These two have just soo much soul and depth to them. Carl made the comment that he wasn’t a model and never really had portraits done before but man oh man I beg to differ! Wait till you see how beautiful these two are together!!!

Enjoy our California Beloved Portraits!





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