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10 at 10 {A Monday Blog}

So I kinda of been slacking on the blogging for the last few weeks! We were consisting blogging at least 3 days a week but after going to United I fell behind. Last night I started thinking and decided to do a random blog just so you could see everything on my mind! Every Monday I will just post 10 random statements. These are just things on my mind, recap of the weekend and whats coming up! I hope you LOVE it:)

1. I love Mondays! Since I usually work all weekend – Mondays Cohen goes to speech and then we have the rest of the day to spend with each other.

2. My birthday is coming up and I’m kinda dreading it.

3. Because I love getting older said no one ever.

4. This weekend was spectacular! Shot a session at Saturday morning, drove up to DC to taken Cohen to the circus then came back to shoot another session!

5. We tried to see that new kids movie The Croods but Cohen fell asleep 5 minutes in so we decided to leave.

6. This weather is crazy! I’m pretty sure it made Cohen sick! Almost 60s on Saturday and now it’s sleeting.

7. I honestly love snow though and wish we would of got at least one serious snow storm with at least a foot!

8. Last week I posted on FB how I needed a more effective form of punishment for Cohen because timeout was no longer works. A lot of friends suggested taking thing he loved away and it working! Too bad he also learned if he gives me a big hug and a few kisses he gets them back …..I know I know.

9. The Cherry Blossoms will be blooming soon and it’s my favorite time of year!

10. The 2014 senior experience model search is coming!!!!!!!




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One comment on “10 at 10 {A Monday Blog}

  1. Kelly Gentry Brown on said:

    In excited to see more pictures of this photo shoot!

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